Though I now reside in California – with my wife Kathleen, daughters Viveca and Chloe having both headed off “out there” – I grew up in Ontario (Ottawa, to be precise) and return there regularly for family visits. The more northerly reaches of Ontario where “The Firetower” is set represents a region whose history (the French, then the Scots), stark geography and unadorned way of life provide powerful images that I’ve tried to harness.

Journalism, meanwhile, was my father’s profession – and one that he encouraged me towards. I absorbed enough from him to co-opt it for Josh, the story’s protagonist. Myself, I ended up studying economics and then working in banking (Royal Bank of Canada, Union Bank of California), before taking on my current position as Co-CEO of AuditOne LLC, whose core business is outsourced internal audit for banks. But writing has long been a passion. This is my first completed novel – but with a couple of others “bubbling”. Save for quite a few articles over the years in professional journals, I am as yet unpublished. But I believe “The Firetower” could change that. I invite you to decide for yourself … and to contact me if you agree.